VacuTherm Treadmill TX5


    The Body Space VacuTherm Treadmill TX5  is a device (used was of Vacu and InfraRed system) for people who like physical exercise. It shapes the figure in an easy way, especially calf muscles, outer parts of thighs and buttocks – it substantially improves their appearance, making them shapely and firmer. Exclusive thermal capsule fitted with top quality treadmill with the latest technology, screen which lets you control work of both the treadmill and the whole thermal system. The main advantage of this device is fast warming of subcutaneous fatty tissue and muscles, which facilitates metabolism and improves circulation. Infrared rays and vacuum are often used in case of problems with overweight, to get rid of cellulite and to heal the skin.Body Space VacuTherm Treadmill TX5  is the latest solution designed to deal with ‘unsatisfactory’ body parts. The device is an excellent supplement to vacuum and Body Space VacuTherm Treadmill TX5  equipment and a proven novelty on the market.